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London Holidays

London Holidays

To enjoy your holidays in London and know what days the monuments, shops and museums are closed, it is necessary to know the London festival and national holiday calendar.

London in England has a series of national holidays, which are far less when compared to those in other European cities.

These are called “Bank Holidays”, because initially were only done by bank workers, but then spread to other activities.

It is advisable to know all these non-working days in advance, because it is possible that museums and monuments that we plan to visit will be closed during our stay.

London Holidays

New Year’s: January 1st
Holy Monday and Good Friday: March or April
St Jorge: April 23rd
Labor’s Day: First Monday of May
Spring Festival: Last Monday of May
Summer Fair: Last Monday in August
Christmas: December 25th
Boxing Day / St Stephen’s Day: December 26th

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