London Guide

Tower of London and Tower Bridge in London, United Kingdom
Tower of London and Tower Bridge in London, United Kingdom

London guide with all the information needed to travel and visit the places worth seeing, such as squares, museums and monuments in London.

trip to LondonBustling, vibrant, multicultural and energetic are some of the adjectives that best describe London, the capital of United Kingdom and one of the world’s major cities.

Its cosmopolitan character combined with a rich historical heritage, attracts each year millions of tourists from all over the globe.

London offers diverse activities and attractions.

Walking through the downtown sites such as Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, or visiting the Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace or even see London panorama from the incredible London Eye, are some of the activities you can not miss.

Plan your trip to London
trip to LondonIn this guide we provide practical information to help you make the most of your trip to London. Get yourself informed about the city before you go on your London holidays, the different types of public transport, best monuments and museums and the most recommended placed to go shopping, eat and drink.

London is an incredibly easy travel destination thanks to the various companies offering cheap flights, so many people choose London as an ideal weekend.

This London Guide offers you important information to travel in the capital of England.