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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London

The peculiar Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre will transport you to the a seventeenth century London theater, like back in time of the English dramatist Shakespeare.

The Globe Theatre was originally the theater company owned by the famous playwright, poet and actor William Shakespeare.

Officially opened in 1599 and had a capacity of over 3000 people. Here Shakespeare represented many of his famous works and became one of the most successful theaters in London.

After 14 years of operation in 1613 as a result of a failure in one of the prop guns during a performance of Henry VIII, a spark ignited and reached the roof of the wooden theater, leaving it reduced to rubble after fire.

The theater was rebuilt a year later. Bad luck again fall on this historic theater. The Puritans did not believe in entertainment, so it closed in 1642 and was demolished two years later to build houses.

In 1989 after some excavation work ran into the remains of this historical interpretation center and years later, actor and director Sam Wanamaker decided to fund and promote a recreation of the old theater.

The current theater is in Bankside, a little less than 200 meters from the old. It is built according to Elizabethans plans. It preserves the original structure, with a large circular courtyard outdoors with three rows of seats around the ground floor and boxes on the top two floors.

The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is open only during the summer months to see the works, particularly from late April through October.

Guided English speaking tours throughout the year can be organized. If you are interested in art of interpretation and theatre in general, do not miss the staging of a play in this historic theater that will definitely take you backto the days of Shakespeare.

Additional information

Bankside, 21 New Globe Walk
Adults: £ 13.50
Students with ID: £ 11.00
Over 60 years: £ 12.00
Children between 5 and 15 years: £ 8.00
Children under 5 free admission
Metro: stopping at Mansion House station and London Bridge
Bus: lines 11, 15, 17, 23, 26, 45, 63, 76, 100, 344 and 381
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7902 1500

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