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Covent Garden is a must visit during your trip to London. Its market and wide range of leisure activities are a highlight. You just can’t miss it.

Covent Garden is one of London’s most popular tourist spots due to its picturesque atmosphere. It is known for due to its many outdoor cafes, shops, street stalls, markets and street performers.

Originally, the land on which Covent Garden is located, was known as the garden of the convent, a farmland where vegetables were harvested to feed the monks of the nearby convent of St Peter’s.

In 1540 the land was confiscated by King Henry VIII and assigned to the first Earl of Bedford, Baron John Russell.

In 1632 the fourth Earl of Bedford began to build here the first modern public square in London, surrounding it with luxury buildings for the richest people.

During the Great Fire of London many traders who saw their businesses destroyed, moved to Covent Garden, occupying almost the entire square.

In 1830 a building was constructed in the center to house a marketplace. Decades later the Flower Market was also built.

Nowadays and despite great changes, Covent Garden has become one of the most popular leisure centers in London. It has a large number of shops, most of which are located along the Floral Street. It also has animated restaurants, pubs and bars where you can eat or drink.

Those interested in museums can find here the London Transport Museum, the London Theatre Museum and the Royal Opera House.

If you travel to London you can not miss this little corner of the city, where you will find endless entertainment.

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41 Covent Garden Piazza
Metro: station stops at Covent Garden
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7240 9731

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