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City Hall in London

The City Hall of London is one of the most futuristic buildings that can be seen in the city. Get a nice view of London from its terrace.

The City Hall is one of the newest and most modern buildings in London which houses the offices of the City Council and city assemblies. It is located south of the Thames, close to Tower Bridge in London.

It is a modern building designed by renowned architect Norman Foster, the architect who designed the Millennium Bridge in London and the iconic remodeled Reichstag (German Parliament in Berlin).

The building opened in 2002, not unless accompanied by some controversy among the people because of its unusual appearance. Some call it “the onion” other “bike helmet” or “glass testicle”.

The building is about 45 meters high with a total of 10 floors and which goes along spiral staircase of 500 meters long. At the top there is an exhibition and meeting room called London’s Living Room, with an open veranda that sometimes goes public.

Its modernity applies to the peculiar and futuristic design but also the way it is build itself.

This building made of steel and glass replaces air conditioning and natural ventilation since it is inclined accurately to avoid direct sun during the hours of greatest intensity, so you do not need air conditioning.

It also has a series of solar panels to supply the electricity consumption of the whole building.

Additional information

Along the southern end of Tower Bridge
Visiting Hours
Monday to Thursday from 8:30am to 6:00pm
Friday 8:30 h to 17:30 h
Metro: stopping at the Tower Bridge station
Bus: any line through Tower Bridge
Free admission
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7983 4000

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