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Chinatown in London

Visit a small piece of China in the heart of London.

Chinatown is in Soho district and is famous for having good shopping and wide variety of restaurants.

Chinatown, as its name indicates, is London’s Chinatown. It is part of the district of Soho, which belongs to Westminster and part of the West End. It is a rather touristy area especially for its restaurants, supermarkets and shops.

The origins of this interesting neighborhood dates back to the eighteenth century when the Chinese settled in London after working in the vessels of the East India Company.

Initially a small community settled around the docks of Limehouse, but when they were destroyed by the bombings during World War II, Chinese moved to its present location in Soho, attracted by the reduced home rental price.

The big push to make Chinatown famous was made by British troops from the Far East, who became fond of Asian food and saw in this area an ideal place to satisfy their appetite for these exotic flavors encountered during their campaigns in Asia.

This prompted the opening of restaurants and shops with Chinese products, turning out to become one of the most exotic places in London.

Nowadays Chinatown has become a tourist attraction thanks to the pedestrianization of much of its streets decorated with authentic Chinese style. Even telephone booths are pagodas shaped.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this neighborhood and attend some of its budget oriental food restaurants. If your trip coincides with the end of January, do not miss the Chinese New Year celebrations, with traditional dances and dragon parades.

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In the heart of Soho
Metro station stop at Piccadilly Circus

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